Offering an Eco-Friendly clothing option for your unique style!

Greetings Vintage Enthusiast!
Thank you for visiting GloriousVintage® and for taking the time to read a little about  
me and my online vintage clothing shop.
YES! my real name is Gloria and I'm the sole proprieter/operator of the ORIGINAL established in 1999 in Montreal, Canada.  Having been absent
for several years to fufill other obligations, I'm back full-time and happy to include, a French version of my vintage clothing shop. Along with a secure  
shopping experience here on my website,  I can also be found selling on Etsy and eBay  
while socializing on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 
If you love one-of-a-kind, good quality fashion then GloriousVintage® is for you! As
a passionate collector since the 70s, I offer a wide range of authentic vintage clothing 
in very good to excellent condition.  Each piece was carefully selected for its' quality,
condition and cleanliness always with 'eco-friendly' in mind.
Unlike contemporary clothing, garments produced before the late 70s were predominately
made using quality fabrics and constructed to last years. Today, with the fast pace
production of throw-away fashion, the clothing industry has become the world's 2nd
largest polluter. By shopping GloriousVintage® you will without doubt, express a unique
style, play an important part in preserving the planet and save money too!
I welcome you to EMAIL me with any and all questions you may have regarding
the merchandise I offer. Always a pleasure to forward all necessary information
to ensure your purchase satisfaction.
Glorious vintage shopping & best regards,
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