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Item # DR60-02

60s Dark brown lace, satin and crepe 1 piece dress.
SZ 36.



Item # D-16/4

50/60s Soft yellow, linen-like dress with pastel embroidered bodice.
Bust: 34-34B


  Item # D-17/1

50s Superior Craft teal-green, white & black woven Silky Rayon or Nylon dress by Malus with large decorative button. Bust: to 38


  Item # D-19/2

MOD 60s/early 70s Custom-made dark blue embroidered eyelet sheath with long collar and daisy appliqué.
SZ 34B

Item # D-20/2

50s/ 60s Multi-color floral lace dress with high waist, decorative bow and V-back.
SZ 34




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