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Short Shorts & Co-ordinating Tops

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  Item # SST-01SOLD !

Black light weight cotton strappy semi-fitted top by Darwish.


Item # SSR-01

SOLD ! (D.M.)

Black & white floral and swirl printed woven cotton short shorts.

Item # SST-02/2


Tonal pink, yellow-gold and sage green on white floral printed light-weight cotton semi-fitted sleeveless blouse. 5 button back closure.
SZ 36

Item # SSR-02/2


Sage green mid-weight cotton twill cuffed shorts by Shamrock. 1" waistband with decorative tab and two large buttons.
Waist: 24", Hip: 35"


Item # SST-03/2


White frilly front cotton blouse by Know your ABC with 5 button back closure.
SZ 34"


Item # SSR-03/2


Beige brown mid-weight printed cotton gingham shorts.
Waist: 26", Hip: 36"

Item # SST-04 SOLD !


Item # SSR-04SOLD !


Item # SST-05/2


Black & white frilly front gingham light weight cotton crop top by Charmer / Young Set. 5 button back closure.
Bust: 36"


Item # SSR-05


Black mid-weight cotton short shorts.
Waist: 28", Hip: 36"

Item # SST-06/2


Black & white floral light weight cotton fitted blouse by Charmer / Young Set with decorative bow and 6 button back closure.
SZ 36


Item # SSR-06/2


Black mid-weight cotton short shorts by Town Girl with 2 size option waist.
Waist: 26" & 28", Hip: 36"


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